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Barrier Brewing Swimmin' In It

Barrier Brewing Swimmin' In It


ABV: 7.7%


ORIGIN: Oceanside, New York


A NEIPA with an opulent dry hop that the richest of the rich would be envious of! We used 7 hops on a 7.7% beer... so according to Vegas, those three 7's would have you Swimmin' in it! Unfortunately, we're not in Vegas, but that won't stop this beer from making you feel like you've hit the jackpot... It combines everything you would want in a new age IPA... full body, pillowy mouth feel, notes of honeydew, ripe berries, passionfruit and that good ol' sticky icky! Layers and layers of rich flavor. For those who like to know... the DDH on this beauty is Cryo hops in the form of Amarillo & Simcoe and pellets in the form of Galaxy & Mosaic... combine those with a few others from our $ recipe and you have a real winner... A true good luck beer if there ever was one!

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